Demonstrate Public Relations and Marketing ROI

Justin Goldstein, founder and lead strategist of Press Record Communications, joined Sheryl Plouffe, host of the “Cash In on Camera” podcast to discuss how to effectively demonstrate public relations and marketing ROI to key decision-makers and stakeholders. Check out the full interview below!

Here are some key takeaways from their conversation:

  • It’s not uncommon for agencies to propose lofty metrics to achieve when pitching a new client because, obviously, they want to land the business. However, in the long run, it might come back to bite them. Press Record takes more of a conservative metrics setting approach because we don’t like to meet expectations, we like to beat them. We believe it’s better to underpromise and overdeliver.
  • Education is critical when engaging with a new client, so it’s important to discuss what success looks like as early into the onboarding process as possible. Understand your client’s wants and needs, so that you can either agree or steer them in the right direction. Additionally, take time to allow your clients to see how your communications program can be used to add value across the business. The deeper insights that they have into how strategic communications can support their organization, the more successful and streamlined your activities will be.
  • The definition of “results” can vary from client to client. With that in mind, a good number of clients will be looking to tie your efforts back to leads and sales to help show momentum and movement. Ultimately, organizations are spending money to show a return on their investment. However, this goes back to the education discussion, where if clients understand the various ways that they can use public relations and marketing as a support system to generate revenue. they will be more comfortable continuing to invest in you.
  • While maybe not tied directly to sales, companies that invest in public relations and marketing should see a value add across their business, including generating thought leadership and engagement across social channels.
  • Pay-for-play efforts always take time. It’s not a magic bullet that once you put money towards something, you’ll automatically meet and exceed your metrics for that activity. In today’s world, you should be doing pay-for-play and organic, but just realize that both options require time and effort.
  • Don’t rely on just providing monthly or quarterly metric updates. If possible, stay in constant communication with your clients, whether they be day-to-day managers or key decision makers. Press Record Communications sends weekly recap reports to all clients so that they receive updates on our performance on a regular basis.

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Cash In on Camera Interview